Urban Vibe


Welcome endless possibilities with LYFT Urban Vibe. Find your vibe with an intense taste and tangy undertones that will give you the feeling of no limits.


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Enjoy an inspiring LYFT

Control your vibes in the right direction with the Lyft Urban Vibe. Experience innovation in miniature at a superior level. Each pouch provides a perfectly balanced sensation that brings life to your taste buds. Let the mind load with vibes from LYFT Urban Vibe Strong.

Enjoy LYFT Urban Vibe
LYFT Urban Vibe nicotine pouches

For an urban lifestyle

The perfect experience for big city visionaries. Explode all boundaries. Experience a feeling of limitlessness with LYFT Urban Vibe Strong. Each white portion gives you an experience that lasts all day long.


Not for people under 18. LYFT contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance.

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Color Urban VIbe
Brand Lyft
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Känn styrkan i LYFT Urban Vibe. Få rätt vibbar och en intensiv upplevelse genom denna uppfriskande smak – som ger dig känslan av oändliga möjligheter. En sofistikerad och tobaksfri sensation du gärna återvänder till.

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