The way to rewards is by completing questionnaires - and here's what you can collect. Will you get all nine? For each questionaire, you just need to answer a handful of questions, and you're done.

And as extra kudos to you, you'll see a badge of honour featured on this site, and in your newsletter, showing your contribution to LYFT/LAB.

Unlock your next purchase from Collection_02 - you can now order more!

Get exclusive early access to the next LYFT/LAB Collection.

Get a free can from Collection_01 and Savour the Flavour.

You go into our raffle for two tickets to an exclusive Kontakt-X event.

You go into our raffle for a ticket to co-create at our Ideation Workshop.

You can redeem a 3 pack from Collection_01.

Get a free 6-pack of cans from Collection_01.

You can enter our raffle for tickets to our next launch event!

You go into our raffle to win tickets for yourself and two friends to co-create at one of our next Ideation Workshops!


What are the questionnaires?expand_more
The questionnaires are how you can give us feedback and get cool rewards!  Each flavour has its own questionnaire so you can tell us exactly what you do and don’t like. The more questionnaires you do, the better the rewards you get!
How can I do the questionnaires?expand_more
You can start filling in questionnaires once you've placed your first order and registered - you can then log in with MY.LAB at any time to tell us what you think every time you try a new flavour. The questionnaires will appear for the flavours you've ordered, so that you can rate them. 
I purchased one flavour but want to give rating on another?expand_more
You'll only be able to do the questionnaires for the flavours you have purchased. Each time you order a different flavour, the relevant questionnaires will open up, giving you the opportunity to earn three more badges - which means three more rewards.
What if I don’t like a flavour?expand_more
Please be honest - you will probably like some flavours better than others, and it's all valuable feedback for us in shaping future collections!
What is an Ideation Workshop?expand_more
The Ideation Workshop is where we start thinking about ideas and possibilities for future collections. If you win tickets, you and two of your friends can be co-creators with us, and share your bold and experimental ideas for our next set of flavours.
What do the badges mean?expand_more
Each questionnaire you complete earns you a badge to show your progress and expertise. The more badges you have, the more rewards you will have earned, such as early access and even the chance to win tickets to exclusive events.


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