UpLYFTing innovation – We’re welcoming two new Flavours: LYFT Easy Mint and LYFT Urban Vibe Strong.

Discover a tailored collection of innovation. Within the LYFT family you’ll find 9 products offering different flavors, strengths and character. Choose your favorite based on your mood, look and outfit. We’re constantly chasing new influences that help us create innovative taste combinations, sure to stir life into your own creative universe. LYFT your style to unimagined heights with all-white portions that offer balance, intensity and an explosive taste experience in an extra small format.

In an ever-expanding spectrum of product lines from British American Tobacco, LYFT is our very latest innovation. The purpose with LYFT is to meet our customers halfway by creating products that adapt easily to a modern way. With LYFT, you get a satisfying experience through a wide range of flavors and varieties.

It’s taken us several decades to build up a brand around the idea of making products upLYFTing through innovation, technology and creativity. In early 2012, we came up with a whole new vision – to become the very best at satisfying our customers’ needs. And that’s exactly why we’re always the first ones to launch an exciting new edition. First out this year are LYFT Easy Mint and LYFT Urban Vibe!

Easy Mint is a refreshing remake of our classic menthol-flavored products. With crispy notes of menthol and the sweetness of spearmint, Easy Mint is the natural choice for people who want a fresh taste in their mouths all day long. Each individual pouch gives you a perfectly balanced experience, without any tobacco.

Our second signature product for 2020 is LYFT Urban Vibe. Inspired by the adrenaline-fueled city life, Urban Vibe Strong was built to LYFT your urban self to a whole new level. The specifically designed box has been pumped full of urban vibes that give you a perfectly balanced and discrete satisfaction. Try LYFT Urban Vibe for free and let your urban instincts lead you towards new, thrilling horizons. Easy Mint and Urban Vibe Strong are both available for purchase in physical stores and online!

This year, we’ll bust the gates open to our own LYFTMYVibeTour where this year’s coolest events will offer a unique Urban Vibe experience. We’ll launch 5 amazing events, fully packed with loads of entertainment. The tour ends in Åre with a huge party in which top artists such as Michel Dida will bring you good vibes.

If you’re over 18 years of age and want to be a part of the LYFT movement on your own terms, you’re welcome to participate in this year’s coolest tour-party! Check out LYFTMYVibeTour and LYFT your own vibes to a whole new level!

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