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LYFT is our answer to a new generation that strives for innovation and tailored solutions in their multifaceted lives. We want you to experience a discreet everyday stimulation that is always by your side. Are you with us?

experience the everyday stimulation with LYFT
lyft nicotine pouches give  you an instant stimulation

Our all-white nicotine pouches give you an instant stimulation when you need it.


Our world is in a constant change. And so are we. No day is like the other. And we like it. Because every new day brings new opportunities to outperform our best self. We never stop looking forward to what’s coming next and we’ve developed a product that re-defines and transforms the category of nicotine stimulation to the next level – liberating from the compromises of yesterday.


What kind of experience can I expect from using LYFT?expand_more
LYFT will provide an intense and exciting sensation as a result of its flavors such as mint, lime and licorice.
How do you use LYFT? expand_more
LYFT can be used discretely, anytime, anywhere. The consumer simply places the pouch under the lip and the nicotine will be absorbed through the gum.
What are the benefits of LYFT?expand_more
You will get an intense and long-lasting stimulation in a discrete pouch that you can use whenever, wherever.
How many pouches are there in a can and how long does a pouche last?expand_more
One can contains 24 nicotine pouches. We recommend to use a nicotine pouch for 30-40 minutes.
Does LYFT contain any tobacco?expand_more
No, the pouches only contain extracted nicotine that comes from tobacco.
Where does the nicotine come from?expand_more
The nicotine is extracted from tobacco leaves and is being added to the other ingredients of our pouches.
How is LYFT made?expand_more
LYFT nicotine pouches are made of the perfect mixture of fibers from pine trees, water, flavors and nicotine. The mixing ratios remain our secret.
What is the best way to store LYFT?expand_more
In contrast to traditional oral tobacco products (sw. snus), LYFT doesn’t need to be refrigerated – due to the fact that there is no tobacco in the pouches. So, take it with you wherever you want and don't worry about the storage.
What is nicotine?expand_more
Nicotine is a nitrogen containing substance found naturally in tobacco. Nicotine is the addictive component in smoking- and oral tobacco products (sw. snus) as well as in other nicotine-based products, including LYFT.
How's my order shipped? expand_more
Your order will be shipped with Postnord, UPS or DSV depending on where you live. Express delivery via UPS is only available in the cities listed below. When using home delivery via Postnord, your parcel is delivered to your mailbox, if the parcel is too big (10 tins or more) it will be dropped of at your nearest delivery point (this does not apply to deliveries via UPS in the following cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Västerås, Örebro, Uppsala, Linköping, Helsingborg, Norrköping , Jönköping, Eskilstuna, Borås and Södertälje).
Where's my order?expand_more
Once your order is shipped, you'll recieve a tracking number and a link where you can follow your parcel.
Delivery time expand_more
Your order will arrive within 2-4 working days. Parcels shipped with express delivery will arrive within 1-2 working days.
Which payment methods are available? expand_more
We offer payment through Mastercard, Visa or Paypal.
Can I return or exchange a product?expand_more
No, you can not return or exchange your order unless it's damaged or faulty in any way. In this case you'll need to make a complaint.
Please contact us regarding questions on refunds. 
Make a complaintexpand_more
Please contact us in order to file a complaint. 
What information is stored about me?expand_more
Read our "Privacy Policy".
Change my informationexpand_more
You can edit or delete your information under "My Account". 
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